World War II

of the Greater Quad City Area


BARTON,  William


CLEVE, Carl R.

CORBIN, Ricard S.


HARTZ, Henry

HUGGINS, Harold H.

JENS, Wayne

JOHNSON, Pershing

LEWIS, Wilbur C.

McCORMICK, Harold E. (Pete)


RUDDY, Douglas


WELTY, Roger

WOLFE, Warren


Warren Wolfe, Cordova, Illinois

Mr. Wolfe  was with the 217th Military Police Company, attached to the 15th Corps, which assisted with military operations at Dachau.  He arrived at Dachau two or three days after the infantry had taken it.  He describes the sights as unbelievable.   He saw where the bodies were being burned and piles of clothing several stories high.  Ex-prisoners were all around, some still in shock, many still needing medical care, many with nowhere to go.  During his duty at the camp, he recalls standing at an information station in the town of Dachau where the U.S. military had posted photographs of the piles of bodies inside the concentration camp.  He listened to the comments of the German people in the town as they viewed the photographs, as they expressed their disbelief, saying that these were only mannequins.  He is certain that many in the beautiful town outside the camp knew of the horrible things going on inside.   Mr. Wolfe, your compassionate efforts will always be remembered.


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