World War II

of the Greater Quad City Area


BARTON,  William


CLEVE, Carl R.

CORBIN, Ricard S.


HARTZ, Henry

HUGGINS, Harold H.

JENS, Wayne

JOHNSON, Pershing

LEWIS, Wilbur C.

McCORMICK, Harold E. (Pete)


RUDDY, Douglas


WELTY, Roger

WOLFE, Warren


Arnold Buckmeyer, Moline, Illinois

Mr. Buckmeyer was a Special agent attached to the 13th Brigade.  He assisted with military operations immediately after the liberation of Dachau, and followed a LIFE MAGAZINE photographer around the camp as he recorded the devastation.  He graphically recalls seeing 17 boxcars filled with bodies and the crematorium that stretched for half of a block.  He saw a room full of pots which were each full of the ashes of those who had been cremated.  He has not forgotten the stench from the burning bodies which hung in the air all around the camp.  The barracks were  crammed with prisoners.  All were starved, most were in shock.  He helped get them out into the fresh air and gave particular aid to a young Jewish boy who was badly hurt.  Mr. Buckmeyer, your compassionate efforts will always be remembered. 



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